Friday, February 27, 2009


Why are we so alone
When our God reminds us he's so very close
Why are we so afraid
When our God gave us promises
He holds us in grace

Betrothed to the loneliness
Your sin apprehends
A man made in fire
With fruit in his hands
Spends all his time persuading
The masses manipulating
This sin we call home

The fire's still warm
Where you last laid your head
The windows froze shut
While you slept in your beds
The good watches over
The bad tries to breach
Frequently pacing just
waiting to reach

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What Perfect Timing.

Ok, brief synapses of what is going on right now.
- Phone is totally broken.
- Had to get two new tires.
- Just found out my bank account is overdrawn, after
thinking I balanced correctly for once.
- Credit Card bill is stacking up (something I swore
I would never allow)
- I have $60 to my name.
- Bills are stacking up.

So, where do I find myself?
Still trusting God, teaching me to be responsible,
teaching me to rely on him. And despite all this
chaos, all I can think to myself is how good he is.
The beautiful amazing people he puts in my life, and
the circumstances he is in control of. The things
he is delivering me from, the immense love he has for
me. Often times I feel his embrace when I am most
alone, and I feel his breath when it seems I have
none. My God, you are so very good. My words are not
enough to describe, but you know my deep longing to
be near to you. I am so ready for what you've got
in store!

To anyone reading, your prayers are deeply appreciated.
We as a band, and as individuals spend a great deal
of time seeking the needs of our friends, families,
church, fans, etc. If you need prayer, please let us
know. We/I want to pray for you, it would be an
I love each and everyone of you, with all that I have.
I am lousy at showing it sometimes, but just know
that it's true.
- Aaron

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Raging Love.

You remind me of the hope I found.
When peace made waves through the underground.
Contemplative in speak and thought combined.
When the words of saints would fill my lungs.
Overflowing through to a raging tongue.
Imagining where love and lives collide.

The rage of all the world embodies me.
If only thoughts I called reliable were
to be the hands to free.
Slaves we've - become these - self-sufficient
beings with wool covering our eyes.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


I am not enjoying these chains.
Lord God would you lift them for me?
The freedom we've come to know in you
set sail amongst raging seas.
Bound by weight and putrid saints
I fall short of glory above.
The weight you bore, the cross adorned
Come back my one true love.
My God above in majesty clothed in
grace most high.
You've shared your coat with one too
many a son whose left to die.
Unworthy I fall before your thrown
with tears that overflow.
My son if only you'd seek me as
you had some time ago.
Let majesty engulf me, your goodness
bring me in.
I gave myself upon the cross, I know
not of your sins.


Sunday, February 15, 2009


I often find myself running from open arms.
I feel I run the risk of exacerbating dry
the arms in which to hold me. It is difficult
for me to even find love in family at times.
I suffer, from feeling awkward even around
the people who practically raised me.
The derivative and explanation are still
a science in which I do not understand; but
I am restless wit these feelings. I am not
sure how much longer I can handle feeling
like a stranger among my own family. Being
so afraid to share myself with the people
who want it most. To even love again.

A prisoner in my own walls that I've
subconsciously constructed over the years;
and I've no idea where to start to get
them down.

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Resistant.

I am the resistant.
The assistant to the world.
Feeble hearts a'pounding.
Holding the weight of rusted pearls.

I am the resistant.
The shot glass never lies.
The spirits claim their weight on me
with unsuspecting eyes.

I am the resistant.
Fornicating with mens wives.
I will please my mistress with
a wife at home denied.

We have to got to be more
Than slaves to lucy and guests.
Running from the word with
targets marked on our chests.
We are the animals devouring.
The men who're overpowering.
God, would you bring light
Your Kingdom Come!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fist Fight with Thistles.

Wake me up again.
So I can hear the sound of a gentle whisper.
Echoed again in a way
that cuts like the thistles.
I can hardly make out
you words from the distance.
You may reach, but your words will not
breach the walls of a heart unwilling
to greet.

Our hearts pound like fists.
Rain rains with the weight of your lists.
Of forget me nots and quotes alike.
They give momentary bliss followed by
the way even the eldest of us miss.

"I want to see you." we say to others
But they both know it's meant for another.
God's eyes upon us, without glances, his
word is our promise;
Drag it through the vines or the thistles
aligned to come out on the end where our
souls are intwined tying knots in the
way we say I love you each day burying
pasts far away never to be heard of again.

Our hearts pound like fists.
Rain rains with the weight of your lists.
Of forget me nots and quotes alike.
They give momentary bliss followed by
the way even the eldest of us miss.

My own head isn't high enough
Even my own words tend to fly
Over and above for me to reach
far too high.
Sight is a bearing only an old
soul would know for he had won
what he fought for with his love
by his side.

I have lost many battles which I fought
'til the end.
Literal harsh endings when I should have
just given in.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I'd prefer you never wonder.
I'd rather you'd always know.
I sewed the seeds from yesterday.
I thought would help you grow.
Seasons captured glimpses into
lives we'd someday lead.
Mistakes considered seasons what
we'd never hope to be.
Preface it with happiness with
gay times running wild.
Emotions craved by femininity
and men would turn them mild.
To some love has just become a
word to share with a counterpart.
The sacrifice of love though was
intent straight from the heart.
If failing love is means to end
and friends, they cease to speak.
Then feelings changed intentions
so called love truly was meek.
Forget about your sadness, all
emotion come and gone.
Rely not on emotion, for it will
rob you all life long.
Forget about the feelings, all
the hindered state of mind.
Feelings render uselessness and
leave you seeming blind.
Love knows not a threshold but
of one and one alone.
It knows when it is not returned
and will surely venture home.
It knows nothing of safety, nor
of holding back when pure.
It knows nothing of restlessness,
it never searches for a cure.
Love, it is the antidote we are
always reaching for.
Sacrifice yourself that is when
love is truly born.

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Best.

I could not have asked for a better weekend than this past "weekend"
I just had. It was like a 5 day weekend really, with all the schools
being out due to the crazy ice all over the place, Zak and the other
fella's were able to kick it with us for a good bit; and right in
time for John's arrival too. Thursday we had our first practice with
all of us together and it could not have gone better; we rehearsed
for nearly 8 hours. Friday we had our photoshoot so we spent the
entire day in Tulsa, it was a blast! We shot in 3 locations, and I'm
really excited to show everyone how awesome Lane and Cale are at
what they do.

Zak, John, and myself are lucky to have feet after standing on ice,
literally, for about 3 hours. Also, our amazing new friend Paige was
along to provide us an extra hand and encouragement for the shoot.
Cheddars after the shoot was incredible, followed by the amazing new
Clint Eastwood film, "Gran Torino." Just an incredible film.
Saturday my amazing friends So Long Forgotten played at our venue
here in Muskogee, along with All The Day Holiday and some locals.
I had an absolute blast that night, getting to see old friends, hear
GREAT music from GREAT artists, mending an important friendship, late
night Ihop with Nick, Big Nate, and the rest of Sons capped off with
a nice evening of laughter and stories with So Long and Sons.

And tonight we had a Super Bowl Party for the Youth Group, man I
tell ya I just fall more in love with this group everytime I get
to be around 'em. Mike does an incredible work at Boulevard, and
I'm super excited to be a Youth Coach and hang out with all these
awesome young people. Needless to say, after having a terrible two
previous weeks of sickness and loneliness, the light at the end of
the tunnel out shined any darkness that may have been lingering

Friday night after our shoot and evening in Tulsa, we (Sons) spent
a good hour sliding around on the ice and followed that up with an
amazing time of prayer. We prayed relentlessly, and I want to make
it a point that this is not to speak of to raise ourselves up nor
to even hint at something we have done, it's an acknowledgment of
2 years of patience finally beginning to take shape; and it didn't
happen on a stage in front of tons of people, it happened in a room
with the three of us, praying with each other for hours. It was the
beginning of a culmination of things that had brought each one of
us to that point, and my heart was so very glad. I'd go into more
detail but I believe many things will become more evident in the
future to people on the outside looking in on us. Here's a video
update from the previous week, enjoy!

Sons of God Video Blog #1 from Aaron Newberry on Vimeo.