Thursday, July 31, 2008

I'm Addicted To Media. The Good Kind.

Here's some awesome stuff I've been finding online.
Some of it's random, some of it actually has to do
with some research I've been doing for our church.
Things worth posting about:
- Facebook has a new layout; it's nifty

- I updated my blog, obviously. With TONS o
resources and blogs as an addition.

- Still would like an Iphone.

- Need to learn how to start using "bullets"
or something when I type.

- Trying to get things in order for Ignite to start
getting Audio Equipment and utilizing the ol
Planning Center.

- Blogging is becoming my favorite new hobby

- I (should) am starting a new job with Christ In Youth
come September as an Audio Systems Technician
for the CIY Believe Conferences.
Dates can be found here.
Here is a video of the kind of stuff we'll be doin.

My friend John Reuben in his TV Pilot.
I literally laughed through this entire video.

Make us one.

One of the most beautiful, genuine, heartfelt songs I've
ever heard from The Church.

Manchester in HD, this is gorgeous.

Manchester Orchestra "I can barely breathe" from clay lipsky on Vimeo.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Genesis.

The coming into being something.
Originally for Sons of God I had dreamt up this idea.
In an interview I'd done, I recalled being asked, "what does
art mean for you?" to which I replied, "Art is the freedom from
fear, I believe it's an inhibition of anything that would otherwise
hold you back." Well, that being said, Art Is The Freedom From
Fear , to me, seemed like the perfect title for a record. My mind
has since wandered from that feeling, and I'm caught in a
moment between feeling like I've been doing this forever and
never doing it.

Henceforth, comes Genesis.
Sons of God is experiencing its Genesis; and myself too.
One of the things I love most about writing music is I get
to let you in a little. The problem is, I have yet to represent
myself the way I really desire too. In a sense, I feel as though I've
been lying; not like I'm a liar, rather my music has been misleading.
It's not near where my heart is, and that is a whole lot of what
brought me to the idea of, "Genesis."

This is our/my Genesis; this is our clean slate. Whether it be in
front of God or in front of the world, it's still happening. Along
with this Genesis, there will surely be a revelation. I can't go into
depth about them, simply because, it's all just now beginning. I
don't know what to do at this point, my career is bogged down with
all the acts that I've "been with," and quite frankly I'm tired of
speaking of success in terms of the past; I desire for it to be present.

How bad do I/We want it? How much do I really want everyone in
the world to get inside my head, how much? I think it's wise to
believe, that getting something, is simply a matter of how bad
you really want it.
And I want it bad.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Church Today. The Church Yesterday.

There is a lot to be said (in my mind) about the "church."
Now that wasn't so bad was it? Talking about the "church."
But, why the parenthesis Aaron? Well, Ill tell you why.
Because, the "church" has become a building, and not a body
to so many people. And honestly, it seems that way for America
more than it does any other society. The reasons are far too
obvious, and another fact is, it seems that way to more non-chrisitians
Than it does for people whom actually are, what you would
know today as a christian.

My heart has fallen from, loved, hated, ridiculed, chastised, blamed,
slandered, and grown fond of the church over my last few years of,
"maturing" I suppose it would be called.
But I'm always lead back to one thing, and that is, that Jesus
LOVES his church. The GOD is head over heals in love with us.
If God loves us, which clearly we just covered that, then what do
you think he asks of us? What do you think he desires of us?
Why do you think he's given us strengths, and talents?

What befuddles me to this day is how quick christians are to say "no."
Is it me, or are we still living in a Paganistic society, that is more
interested in spoiling People's opportunity to be great and have a
good time doing it just to gain some kind of Holier Than Thou formula
that defying ideas and creativity will lead us to the heart of God?
Who came up with all this nonsense, seriously?

To this day, it perplexes me as to why Western Culture Christians care
more about attire than they do about their brothers and sisters suffering
throughout the world. We'd rather waste our time raising arguments
about "secular" things and forms of entertainment that we deem ungodly
than we would educating people on the martyrdom that exists today
within christianity, human trafficking, world hunger, destitution, and the
various other things that so many "christians" are missing. We're too busy
playing fashion police, and saying no to brilliant ideas because, well, because?

What happened to the church?
What happened to the idea of Jesus, his radical stand about what he
believed in? I mean, let's face it, the word christian does not strike me
or the public as something to take all that serious these days? That's
a shame, a terrible shame. When did the church lose it's backbone?
When did the church stand up against the crazy people that call
themselves christians yielding "God Hates Fags" signs? What in the
name of God is going on here people?

A place where words like worship, praise, and church have lost their
meaning. Where church has become a building, a place to go, to
chit chat with other "believers" and just, sit around comfortably within
the four walls. Where worship has become a time, a period, where we
hope we can feel something, and less about exalting the name of God.
Where praise is more self-centered than it is an external act of extolling
the name of Christ. We, yes We, I'm the church too; we need to get
our heads out of the sand.

Don't you realize how important this is, especially right now? What's
wrong with awesome displays that draw your attention in, that get
across a message so more eloquent than any spoken word could?
Tell me what's ungodly about that? What's wrong with beautiful music?
With volunteering your talents, and abilities to usher people into worship?
What's wrong with having a great sound system, that delivers a message
and music at high quality sound? Would you not rather have these things,
than to have technical glitches throughout your "service" distracting you
from the real purpose of the "church?"

Alright then, if you answered no, then please reevaluate what it means
to be a christian. Or, just get lost, because you already are. You've
completely missed the point of what it means to follow Jesus.

My desire, is to utilize art in every single way possible to bring an image
to the church that will captivate them. Be it worship, education, simple
presentation, or just FUN! Also, I am beginning work on a film project
that will most likely take years to develop. God has placed a desire in
my heart, to educate christians, of what is going on in the world around
them that is really not heard of, and certainly not viewable. Would you
please pray for me, and this project, that God would lead the right people
to this project, so that we can make this idea a reality.

I can't tell you how tired I am, of being a bench warming christian.
How tired I am of stalling my own ideas and creativity.
God is calling us to greatness, we'd better be meeting that call to the
best of our ability.
And a message to our ministers:
Stop preaching your opinions, rather than the word of God.
And stop caring about the things that are meaningless in God's eyes.
Its time to start being REAL christians.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Come to life, retribution's waiting at your doorstep;
But you didn't know.
Everyone's watching for the second coming of;
But you didn't know.

Come on down, let it fill you now.
We are all just part, of the plan.
Pleased to be, igniting generations yet to be.
But you'd better believe.
We knew it all along.

Crippled hands, grabbing for the stands to take them down;
But they didn't know
Lame, and Blind, the weak have come to shame the strong tonight.
But they didn't know.

Come on down, let it fill you now.
We are all just part, of the plan.
Pleased to be, igniting generations yet to be.
But you'd better believe.
We knew it all along.

Marks and beasts, while news perverts the truth and scares the free.
But you didn't know.
Lies and lust, access your favorite form of "generosity"
But you didn't know.

Come on down, let it fill you now.
We are all just part, of the plan.
Pleased to be, igniting generations yet to be.
But you'd better believe.
We knew it all along.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Failure Is A Verb. Or Lack thereof.

Passive detaching has caused her to sway
Her arms are held out but for no one to stay
Rooms have held pity not like this before
Her suffering has caused great weight to the floor
Wood planks split melodiously in rhythm with hearts
The hearts that beat on while hers refuses to start
Characters drawn from the seeds they all sowed
While failure breathes heavy, she's carried life's load.

Don't you stop, I've got all life to spare.
I bore it with planks to my back rome made bare.
My lights can be seen from the lives I've assigned.
My dear, failure's a verb, or a flaw in design.