Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Genesis.

The coming into being something.
Originally for Sons of God I had dreamt up this idea.
In an interview I'd done, I recalled being asked, "what does
art mean for you?" to which I replied, "Art is the freedom from
fear, I believe it's an inhibition of anything that would otherwise
hold you back." Well, that being said, Art Is The Freedom From
Fear , to me, seemed like the perfect title for a record. My mind
has since wandered from that feeling, and I'm caught in a
moment between feeling like I've been doing this forever and
never doing it.

Henceforth, comes Genesis.
Sons of God is experiencing its Genesis; and myself too.
One of the things I love most about writing music is I get
to let you in a little. The problem is, I have yet to represent
myself the way I really desire too. In a sense, I feel as though I've
been lying; not like I'm a liar, rather my music has been misleading.
It's not near where my heart is, and that is a whole lot of what
brought me to the idea of, "Genesis."

This is our/my Genesis; this is our clean slate. Whether it be in
front of God or in front of the world, it's still happening. Along
with this Genesis, there will surely be a revelation. I can't go into
depth about them, simply because, it's all just now beginning. I
don't know what to do at this point, my career is bogged down with
all the acts that I've "been with," and quite frankly I'm tired of
speaking of success in terms of the past; I desire for it to be present.

How bad do I/We want it? How much do I really want everyone in
the world to get inside my head, how much? I think it's wise to
believe, that getting something, is simply a matter of how bad
you really want it.
And I want it bad.

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