Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Church. Faith. It's Time.

For the last few years, I've been stirred in my heart about the "church." Are we like Jesus? Are we biblical? Do we interpret it at all? Or do we just read for what it is? Are we even being taught what is right, what Jesus would be teaching us? These are questions that have followed me for years now, and there are answers.

I am far from perfect; I am far from what would be considered Godly. And I've longed so much to be like Jesus, but "so much" isn't near enough. It's an interesting thing, to examine yourself and realize you don't truly belong to God. Yes, I am his child, but does he know me? If I stood before him, would he know my name? Would I reside in heaven with him for all of eternity?

Am I following him? Or am I fulfilling selfish desire after another and using grace as a ploy. We aren't teaching what's right! And we have so many christians fooled in America! This isn't right, what's going on? More people that are in church, that claim to be believers, don't even know what they believe! The church is so shallow and we are OK with it. Why? Why should we be complacent with ungodliness? We are a travesty of a church, and there must be a renewing of truth or else I'm afraid many many people that think they are heaven-bound and Jesus like, will find themselves before the throne of God and only then realizing that in fact, they never walked the narrow path.
My goal is not to bash the church, but to revive it. Burt first, God knows, I must be revived.

I have been dead for far too long now, and I have dragged too many down with me. In my selfish ambition I have disguised myself as someone who loves Jesus, rather, I am someone who loves to talk as if he truly knows Jesus. I can't say exactly why, but I can only assume it's because I wanted to believe that I did. So, do I blame the church?

Truthfully, yes I believe it has something to do with it.
So what then, what are we today?

Seek Jesus, Seek Holiness, Be truly Set A Part. Quit using grace as a crutch, chances are God's grace ran out miles ago. He bore it once and he will never bear it again. The weight of sin for the entire world was upon his shoulders! Why in the world would he gather more?

It's time, to truly be like Jesus and act as the church Jesus created us to be. To quit listening to selfish ambition and endeavor, humble ourselves, and follow God. No matter the cost!
For thine is the Kingdom, and The Power, and The Glory, forever and ever, AMEN!