Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lost Continents Inside Blankets

If I weren't a kid I would play all day long
I'd run in the streets like my parents denied
If I was old and grown I would chalk streets for kings
Past dark cus my friends always could but I'd leave
Ya if I weren't a kid, I would do all these things
I would show them they're wrong, wrong about everything

I would stop building tents, and explore continents
And I wouldn't go to bed before ten
Oh if I weren't a kid, I would open the eyes
Of all the non believers and show them I tried

But please just let me, let me live.
I wanna go away for a day and be a kid.
I wanna scream when I should whisper
And get caught in the thistles
Without my mother demanding I behave
But ya see, my dear boy, it's too late

I'll get lost in romances
Start taking chances
Believe in the unbelievable
My brittle bones couldn't stop me
From being unordinary

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Love Never Can Just Be Love.

I'm spent, in this restless love like a dictatorship.
Qualms seem necessary to the human existence.
Passing through seems never enough.
And love never can just be love.

When did love turn into cryin?
I thought love meant always tryin.
If we wake up and decide to try.
Could it keep the tears from falling out your eyes?

If love were like a song.
We'd just give and take away.
Something would be better.
Perhaps if we both sang.