Monday, March 23, 2009

All Things Considered.

I was going to blog about my trip to Orlando, rather I'm just going
to thank Taylor for bringing me out. It was a really good time, it
was good to travel again and also to meet some rad new people. I am
anxious to see how your ministry flourishes amongst the people of
Orlando, you're heart of generosity and openness is really one I see
a great deal of Jesus in. I am reminded all too often by the white walls
of suburbia, that sometimes even for christians in America. entitlement
is our best friend. The more possessions we have, the more we feel a need
to protect them, the more responsibilities we have, and the more we have
to keep track of. Entitlement creeps in almost subconsciously, we get
caught up in our society and forget why God may have even given us
"this" or "that."

My friend Taylor has taught me a great deal of what community looks
like, what true love looks like, what open arms feel like, and what
true joy sounds like. Those were the least of the reasons of why I
was brought to Orlando, but some of the greatest things I took from
it. I still feel very honored to have come, and would do it again
in a heartbeat. My prayer is that this would be a reminder to us, that
we are after Christ of the center of our lives and often times we
look in the mirror and I see very little of him in us. I am not
promoting we all go sell all that we have, live totally meek lives,
and radically change your lifestyle; but I will promote generosity,
love, and a welcoming spirit. We live in a society where it is very
easy to put ourselves first, as I challenge myself to place myself
before others I will in turn challenge you.

Some of us may consider ourselves very giving, but look and see
who it is you are giving to. A stranger? Those in true need? People
that don't already have plenty? It was on my heart, and I felt like
sharing. Again, thank you Taylor, it was very refreshing and I'm
very glad God had me in mind when all this came about.

On a side, but very important, note:

Please pray for Sons of God right now, we have been having some
amazing spiritual encounters. It is very apparent to us that we are
headed in the right direction with all of this, as we embark on
the "battle for souls" Satan is out to get us and it has been all
the more evident as time goes by. The holy Spirit has been with us
and strengthening us, but please continue to pray for us on this
matter; it will only help.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Dove, make your escape. If it were love that were
here it would be no mistake. I've just suffered
a blow, reminded of all that was good that I had,
I let go.

For some, the hardest things learned are moving
on while still holding on to the burns. The marks
that don't go away, not until hope comes will you
recognize you're displaced. The heart will begin to
grow, but not until you learn to let go.

Eyes I saw through the night, I was so battered
with years with some closure in sight. Kill all
that's inside, I hear the arms wrapped around
don't find struggle in sight, I know just as well
as you it's totally right.

For some, the hardest things learned are moving
on while still holding on to the burns. The marks
that don't go away, not until hope comes will you
recognize you're displaced. The heart will begin to
grow, but not until you learn to let go.

Cripple me with a lack of sleep and your silence
treats me like slaves for the trade. Pictures
burning the hearts are turning away I yearn to
forget what I've done.
Leave me all that is breathing of a past embodied
by one gentle soul. Life is better today even so
that one was so good for a time, but it's time
to let go.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Love Never Dies.

Your lips are pursed, white, you're freezin' to death.
Your eyes are glazed over, your hands start to twitch.
Unbeknownst to me through a peripheral view.
Your heart starts to beat as I whisper, "love you."
My cheek's pressed against the side of your head.
To tell you I'll love you while you're stuck in this bed.
My eyes glance down to your needle broke skin.
Your breath coincides with mine, you're breathing again.
I raise up my head to see you look back at me.
God I've prayed for so long for her to finally be.
Awake again looking me straight in the eyes.
To tell her what I told them when they said she would die.
My darling one night back 10 years to the day.
An accident left you asleep for a decade.
But I've been close by your bedside, for you to come to.
To tell you I love you, and that I've waited for you.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Deepest regret, I've ever known.
To me your face tonight was shown.
Once lost three times now gone for good.
Hold fast to love next time you should.
The weight builds deep within my chest.
The tears held back I'm such a mess.
What have you done you foolish man?
Do not provoke your sinful plans.
Your eyes were fooled by lustful thoughts.
Your mind gave in to evil plots.
Now gone for good the love you knew.
Months later finds this love was true.
Too self concerned to be aware.
The love she gave so very rare.
The night will end with you alone.
Just trust in God your dreams and hopes.
One day will come where she may see.
You've learned to love and love so deep.
If you shall fail, get up again.
Just show her love through to the end.

Just an after thought, love will be
simply letting go.


We are captivated by our silk screened walls
Making fake partitians to watch them fall
Children come with your blistered souls come young
We will build you into a city of strangers
Where you will learn to hate to crawl
These are the jacknifed hands of a suicidal
Reaching in to grab his gun
We will teach you how to whisper
Like good girls and boys all do
We wouldn't want them overhearing
While we teach them to slander you

Bring us back to life
We are at arms with a fallen age
I keep saying "we" but my God
Some one's got to be to blame
Can you see the snake in the grass
Or is your apathy in the way
I'd say he's got us right where he wants us
And he intends to take his prey

Why, Oh My God Why
Have we fallen in love again
We are the youth of monotony
We are the men who devour sin
Our arms are too weak to hold
Whatever death we carried in
Our legs are too weak to stand
And we will fail to make amends

Indicative we've become
Suggestive like the rest
They stand before you
With heads held high
But everyone of them is
Afraid of death
We are all the visitors
Our language's suffered a blow
Won't you please passover all of us
To save a world with displaced hope