Monday, March 23, 2009

All Things Considered.

I was going to blog about my trip to Orlando, rather I'm just going
to thank Taylor for bringing me out. It was a really good time, it
was good to travel again and also to meet some rad new people. I am
anxious to see how your ministry flourishes amongst the people of
Orlando, you're heart of generosity and openness is really one I see
a great deal of Jesus in. I am reminded all too often by the white walls
of suburbia, that sometimes even for christians in America. entitlement
is our best friend. The more possessions we have, the more we feel a need
to protect them, the more responsibilities we have, and the more we have
to keep track of. Entitlement creeps in almost subconsciously, we get
caught up in our society and forget why God may have even given us
"this" or "that."

My friend Taylor has taught me a great deal of what community looks
like, what true love looks like, what open arms feel like, and what
true joy sounds like. Those were the least of the reasons of why I
was brought to Orlando, but some of the greatest things I took from
it. I still feel very honored to have come, and would do it again
in a heartbeat. My prayer is that this would be a reminder to us, that
we are after Christ of the center of our lives and often times we
look in the mirror and I see very little of him in us. I am not
promoting we all go sell all that we have, live totally meek lives,
and radically change your lifestyle; but I will promote generosity,
love, and a welcoming spirit. We live in a society where it is very
easy to put ourselves first, as I challenge myself to place myself
before others I will in turn challenge you.

Some of us may consider ourselves very giving, but look and see
who it is you are giving to. A stranger? Those in true need? People
that don't already have plenty? It was on my heart, and I felt like
sharing. Again, thank you Taylor, it was very refreshing and I'm
very glad God had me in mind when all this came about.

On a side, but very important, note:

Please pray for Sons of God right now, we have been having some
amazing spiritual encounters. It is very apparent to us that we are
headed in the right direction with all of this, as we embark on
the "battle for souls" Satan is out to get us and it has been all
the more evident as time goes by. The holy Spirit has been with us
and strengthening us, but please continue to pray for us on this
matter; it will only help.


Anonymous said...

man, you're so conscious of your thoughts and motives.
It's refreshing to hear people say they're grateful for things in their lives. And yeah, it's a huge challenge to have that gratitude when it's pretty much innate to think about ourselves and ourselves only.
I think trying times are the true indicator of selflessness. Like, when things are abundant and grand we're always more inclined to give or help out than when we're having trouble and things are scarce.
Hang in there, Aaron, and of course it's a given that sog is in my prayers :)

NickD said...

great post man. Very encouraging.

Anonymous said...

Awesome post man! You seriously need to call me when you get a chance!