Thursday, March 5, 2009


Deepest regret, I've ever known.
To me your face tonight was shown.
Once lost three times now gone for good.
Hold fast to love next time you should.
The weight builds deep within my chest.
The tears held back I'm such a mess.
What have you done you foolish man?
Do not provoke your sinful plans.
Your eyes were fooled by lustful thoughts.
Your mind gave in to evil plots.
Now gone for good the love you knew.
Months later finds this love was true.
Too self concerned to be aware.
The love she gave so very rare.
The night will end with you alone.
Just trust in God your dreams and hopes.
One day will come where she may see.
You've learned to love and love so deep.
If you shall fail, get up again.
Just show her love through to the end.

Just an after thought, love will be
simply letting go.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. It flowed so beautifully. From beginning to end. Loved it. Maybe I'll start posting some of my own on my blog. Either way, Aaron, great work.