Thursday, March 5, 2009


We are captivated by our silk screened walls
Making fake partitians to watch them fall
Children come with your blistered souls come young
We will build you into a city of strangers
Where you will learn to hate to crawl
These are the jacknifed hands of a suicidal
Reaching in to grab his gun
We will teach you how to whisper
Like good girls and boys all do
We wouldn't want them overhearing
While we teach them to slander you

Bring us back to life
We are at arms with a fallen age
I keep saying "we" but my God
Some one's got to be to blame
Can you see the snake in the grass
Or is your apathy in the way
I'd say he's got us right where he wants us
And he intends to take his prey

Why, Oh My God Why
Have we fallen in love again
We are the youth of monotony
We are the men who devour sin
Our arms are too weak to hold
Whatever death we carried in
Our legs are too weak to stand
And we will fail to make amends

Indicative we've become
Suggestive like the rest
They stand before you
With heads held high
But everyone of them is
Afraid of death
We are all the visitors
Our language's suffered a blow
Won't you please passover all of us
To save a world with displaced hope

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You write a lot, Aaron. I'm surprised to see how much you push out every time. Are these old writings getting new press? Or are these all recent? I look forward to reading more from you.