Friday, February 27, 2009


Why are we so alone
When our God reminds us he's so very close
Why are we so afraid
When our God gave us promises
He holds us in grace

Betrothed to the loneliness
Your sin apprehends
A man made in fire
With fruit in his hands
Spends all his time persuading
The masses manipulating
This sin we call home

The fire's still warm
Where you last laid your head
The windows froze shut
While you slept in your beds
The good watches over
The bad tries to breach
Frequently pacing just
waiting to reach


yvette said...

because I still trust myself too much and have not opened up to him all the way...
something I am constantly reminded of. I don't want to wallow forever in misguided complacency.

Again, Aaron, this spoke to me. It actually may have screamed this time.

Anonymous said...

Aaron, it's so very cool to hear from you. I've heard of you guys before, and the fact that you're on Come and Live makes it that much more awesome. I look forward to seeing Chad's new label prosper and your band become successful. It's people like you, with heart, that make this industry worth while. I love your blog. Keep in touch.

-Loren Wade