Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What Perfect Timing.

Ok, brief synapses of what is going on right now.
- Phone is totally broken.
- Had to get two new tires.
- Just found out my bank account is overdrawn, after
thinking I balanced correctly for once.
- Credit Card bill is stacking up (something I swore
I would never allow)
- I have $60 to my name.
- Bills are stacking up.

So, where do I find myself?
Still trusting God, teaching me to be responsible,
teaching me to rely on him. And despite all this
chaos, all I can think to myself is how good he is.
The beautiful amazing people he puts in my life, and
the circumstances he is in control of. The things
he is delivering me from, the immense love he has for
me. Often times I feel his embrace when I am most
alone, and I feel his breath when it seems I have
none. My God, you are so very good. My words are not
enough to describe, but you know my deep longing to
be near to you. I am so ready for what you've got
in store!

To anyone reading, your prayers are deeply appreciated.
We as a band, and as individuals spend a great deal
of time seeking the needs of our friends, families,
church, fans, etc. If you need prayer, please let us
know. We/I want to pray for you, it would be an
I love each and everyone of you, with all that I have.
I am lousy at showing it sometimes, but just know
that it's true.
- Aaron

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