Thursday, July 31, 2008

I'm Addicted To Media. The Good Kind.

Here's some awesome stuff I've been finding online.
Some of it's random, some of it actually has to do
with some research I've been doing for our church.
Things worth posting about:
- Facebook has a new layout; it's nifty

- I updated my blog, obviously. With TONS o
resources and blogs as an addition.

- Still would like an Iphone.

- Need to learn how to start using "bullets"
or something when I type.

- Trying to get things in order for Ignite to start
getting Audio Equipment and utilizing the ol
Planning Center.

- Blogging is becoming my favorite new hobby

- I (should) am starting a new job with Christ In Youth
come September as an Audio Systems Technician
for the CIY Believe Conferences.
Dates can be found here.
Here is a video of the kind of stuff we'll be doin.

My friend John Reuben in his TV Pilot.
I literally laughed through this entire video.

Make us one.

One of the most beautiful, genuine, heartfelt songs I've
ever heard from The Church.

Manchester in HD, this is gorgeous.

Manchester Orchestra "I can barely breathe" from clay lipsky on Vimeo.

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jordyn mooney said...

i watched the "healer" video....again the other day and the video that goes along with it, that guy is amazing and i love the song