Friday, August 1, 2008

My Challenge.

This is my challenge to my brothers and sisters.
You whom call yourself "christian."

The first challenge is simple.
- Pray.
Now let me get specific here.
START PRAYING! About every single thing that even
comes to mind. More specifically, pray for our
Presidential Candidates. We can sit around and scrutinize
their character for days, but how about we start
praying for them. For you conservatives out there,
yes that even means pray for Obama.
Pray for the church worldwide, many of you haven't
a clue what goes on around the world and what
christians go through everyday. The persecution that
many of our brothers and sisters face everyday, and
how many of them die on a daily basis.

A highly recommended read on the subject.
Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire.
Fresh Wind

Which leads me to my second challenge.
- Stop taking christianity for granted.
Us Western Culture Christians have begun to take for
granted the freedoms that we have in our nation. This
in my mind, is a travesty, and complete disrespect
towards our christian fellows worldwide who are
paying a grave price to do what we take for granted.
So the next time you think about how late your
service will go, how you don't like the music, how
you don't like the message, it's too loud, there's not
enough people... Whatever the case may be, get over
yourself. Start praising him for all that he is, and
ask him to give us a burden for our fellow
christians throughout the world, and thank him for
them, for having faith we so greatly desire.

And thirdly.
- Seek and Discover what it truly means to be a christian.
So many times, I witness christians looking little like
Christ; to this day that, to me, has been one of the
biggest misses in all of western culture christianity.
Christian is defined, as "little christ." Think about
what Christ stood for, how he was bold, he didn't
waver from the truth for the sake of anyone, he
stood his ground, he studied, he pushed people's
buttons, he didn't wear dress shirts, he broke down
barriers, he pushed the envelope.
So come on church, why don't you look like Jesus
to me!? Aaron, why don't you look like Jesus
to other people!?

Pray for each other church.
Dig deeper into the great unknown.
And be willing to say yes and get uncomfortable.
My heart beats for this church, the church, the
bride itself. It is my desire to help the church grow
with whatever means given us.

Start digging church, start digging.


Patrick said...
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Patrick said...

In Acts when Jesus ascended the first thing the disciples did is pray. Through knowing Jesus and being around him they understood the true power of prayer.

To this day I think Stephen (Acts 6 & 7) was the best example of a "little Christ" we had.