Monday, February 2, 2009

The Best.

I could not have asked for a better weekend than this past "weekend"
I just had. It was like a 5 day weekend really, with all the schools
being out due to the crazy ice all over the place, Zak and the other
fella's were able to kick it with us for a good bit; and right in
time for John's arrival too. Thursday we had our first practice with
all of us together and it could not have gone better; we rehearsed
for nearly 8 hours. Friday we had our photoshoot so we spent the
entire day in Tulsa, it was a blast! We shot in 3 locations, and I'm
really excited to show everyone how awesome Lane and Cale are at
what they do.

Zak, John, and myself are lucky to have feet after standing on ice,
literally, for about 3 hours. Also, our amazing new friend Paige was
along to provide us an extra hand and encouragement for the shoot.
Cheddars after the shoot was incredible, followed by the amazing new
Clint Eastwood film, "Gran Torino." Just an incredible film.
Saturday my amazing friends So Long Forgotten played at our venue
here in Muskogee, along with All The Day Holiday and some locals.
I had an absolute blast that night, getting to see old friends, hear
GREAT music from GREAT artists, mending an important friendship, late
night Ihop with Nick, Big Nate, and the rest of Sons capped off with
a nice evening of laughter and stories with So Long and Sons.

And tonight we had a Super Bowl Party for the Youth Group, man I
tell ya I just fall more in love with this group everytime I get
to be around 'em. Mike does an incredible work at Boulevard, and
I'm super excited to be a Youth Coach and hang out with all these
awesome young people. Needless to say, after having a terrible two
previous weeks of sickness and loneliness, the light at the end of
the tunnel out shined any darkness that may have been lingering

Friday night after our shoot and evening in Tulsa, we (Sons) spent
a good hour sliding around on the ice and followed that up with an
amazing time of prayer. We prayed relentlessly, and I want to make
it a point that this is not to speak of to raise ourselves up nor
to even hint at something we have done, it's an acknowledgment of
2 years of patience finally beginning to take shape; and it didn't
happen on a stage in front of tons of people, it happened in a room
with the three of us, praying with each other for hours. It was the
beginning of a culmination of things that had brought each one of
us to that point, and my heart was so very glad. I'd go into more
detail but I believe many things will become more evident in the
future to people on the outside looking in on us. Here's a video
update from the previous week, enjoy!

Sons of God Video Blog #1 from Aaron Newberry on Vimeo.

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