Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I'd prefer you never wonder.
I'd rather you'd always know.
I sewed the seeds from yesterday.
I thought would help you grow.
Seasons captured glimpses into
lives we'd someday lead.
Mistakes considered seasons what
we'd never hope to be.
Preface it with happiness with
gay times running wild.
Emotions craved by femininity
and men would turn them mild.
To some love has just become a
word to share with a counterpart.
The sacrifice of love though was
intent straight from the heart.
If failing love is means to end
and friends, they cease to speak.
Then feelings changed intentions
so called love truly was meek.
Forget about your sadness, all
emotion come and gone.
Rely not on emotion, for it will
rob you all life long.
Forget about the feelings, all
the hindered state of mind.
Feelings render uselessness and
leave you seeming blind.
Love knows not a threshold but
of one and one alone.
It knows when it is not returned
and will surely venture home.
It knows nothing of safety, nor
of holding back when pure.
It knows nothing of restlessness,
it never searches for a cure.
Love, it is the antidote we are
always reaching for.
Sacrifice yourself that is when
love is truly born.

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