Sunday, September 7, 2008

Favorite Things at the Moment.

- John Mayer "Where The Light Is" DVD
- Underoath "Lost In The Sound of Separation"
* including the making of DVD
- Twitter
- Zaxby's *Kickin' Chicken Sandwich* Oh I will miss you
- Woodworking and Renovation
- Spending time with Jordyn
- Getting ready to move (not really)
* but I am looking forward to it
- NOT T-mobile
- Sectional Couches
- SimulAnalog Guitar Suite
- Blogging. As you can see.
- Blues licks on the guitar
- Finding my monitor iso pads
- Fixing my monitor woofer's dustcap after a
little fella decided to press it in.
- Not having a job (again, not really)
- Looking for a house to rent
- I.C.R. DVD "How To Read and Interpret The Bible"
- Handbrake
- Amp Searching
- Looking for a Van/Bus and Trailer
- Planning our photo and video shoots
- Wikipedia

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