Saturday, November 1, 2008

Awesome (god)cast.

I owe a great debt to my good friend Mike Havens at
Boulevard Christian Church, I have found a gem of
a podcast from a church I actually used to attend from
my Dalls, TX days. The church is The Village Church in
Highland,TX - The Pastor is Matt Chandler. I think one
of the reasons I love this particular podcast so much
is because I think, if I were to be a preacher I would
probably do it just like that.
I find myself laughing, loving, and truly engaging in
these sermons Matt has to offer. I hope many of you begin
to share similar podcasts/resources with me as well as
I am always looking for more insight and guidance within
my growth in Christ.

One thing Mike pointed out to me in one of our recent
meetings was how we are basically saved, and right now
we are in the season of being sanctified for his glory.
This was a subconscious breakthrough, reason being that
I'm notorious for beating myself up over sin. I feel
there is a standard that I need to meet for my God, and
when I fail to meet that standard I am asahmed; rather
I should be embracing God's grace and not abusing it.

Deitrich Bonhoeffer puts it simply as "cheap grace." In
his amazing book, The Cost of Discipleship he explains
that simply. I don't wanna give it all away, so I highly
recommend this book to anyone that is seriously struggling
with sin and how to deal with it. He's a modern day saint
who was martyred during the Nazi era in Germany. This
book gives an example (like the bible of course) of a man
who's pursuit for holiness is untamed and relentless.
You can find a link to the book on my menu to the right
of the entry.

And last but not least, the podcast.
Follow this link, and enjoy.

Seek Jesus.


taylor said...

great post man. i do believe ill be reading the cost of discipleship. i keep hearing about it.

Patrick said...

Told you Matt Chandler was amazing.

You should listen to the missional living sermon.