Monday, September 22, 2008

My Mind Is Better Off A Part From Yours.

But it will stay that way.

The weight of a burden like this can only exist
Inside one mind, a part from yours, pain will persist.
My songs can't keep company the way that you did.
I am punished by my own words, for the poor selfishness.
The world is your empire, my minds eye sees you free.
Ruling carefully with joy, still hoping the best for me.
The past's present failure of a man's slow demise.
Losing one queen he swore to keep near in time.
Time, my deluge, you are the habit of the.
I cannot speak freely, though it is your counsel I seek.
Memoirs serve correctly, the rebuttal of my means
My means for your safety, and your heart I'd retrieve.
It is death of a salesman, it is I standing by.
I seemed to have sold you, but got lost in my lies.
It is heresy I do call, for my reckoning I swear.
Though the love in the deep, will carry me to despair.
My dynamo of sorrow, you deserve much much more.
Than a man and his aching, I would only burden you sore.
Mounts of truth they will save me, as they have presently.
My word turned into daggers, as they cut viciously.
I do warn whom I pity, for an alleged remark.
Believed to be the razor, I sank deep into your heart.
It is I who am fooled, it is I in despair.
For believing in justice, in a city that's rare.
Still my screen shows me days, that are better than ones here.
With those, my heart lingers, upon the day that you are near.

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