Friday, December 7, 2007


I found the sky, to be as high as I could go
But I'll take my time, I'll make my way slow
See the climb is important, for a dangerous soul
Dangerous should be, a place we can grow

I wrote you a letter, with a story to tell
The Pony Express left its mane on your mail
He galloped so boldly, the dirt rustled through
I apologize for your dirty hands
At least my heart got to you

My claws are dug in deep to this addiction
After all's said and done I've no conviction
The point that I've made is I've sinned for decades
And I certainly hope you'll dismiss
My sins

For the thrill of your journey, may be left in our minds
Though the greatest thrill of all, was we all got their blind
Should we come to abandon all that we believe
The burdens of your hands will speak waves into the sea

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