Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I Want To Write.

To you, but I've no idea who you are.
My desire to pick you up when you fall.
To put my arms around you when you are weak.
A hand for you to hold, and a heart for you to have.
I look ahead to the wonderful things you will do.
And how proud I am of you & that I somehow contributed.
Simply by encouraging you; I suspect you're more
than capable of doing great things of your own accord.

But I'm also proud of the man you will help me become.
I'm aware that marriage is an opportunity to extend our
love to another, and for a man it is to treat our bride
just as our God treats his Bride; his beautiful church.
I can only hope to maintain an attitude and lifestyle
of selflessness through in my years to come.

Let it not be the beauty of an exterior, but her heart
that beats for Christ. If the eyes are aligned with the
heart, beauty will then be defined as far more than curves
and bone structure. I long for the days ahead, but am
thankful even so for this time of growth to help me
become the husband, father, and son I need to be.
I've asked asked of my father, for the heart of my saviour.
For the eyes of my saviour.
The compassion, the love, his generosity, tenacity, wisdom
as well as the many many qualities he possessed.

In one of the latest podcasts from Matt Chandler that I've
listened to, he is teaching to us men about the biblical
standards we are called to. It has become a great desire
and life fulfillment to be those things someday.
God knows my heart, he knows the desires and the things I'm
most passionate about. He has given me a zeal for the life
that I'd lost for sometime, and I'm honored that he would
use me to reach people and give me the ability to create.
The opportunities before me have come at no coincidence
following an important decision I felt very led to make
from him.
I cannot wait to see what comes about from the things he's
placed before me, and the people that I will get to know
because of them. And assuredly, one day, I'm sure she will
come along within the midst of all he's got planned.

He is in control.
Less of me and more of you God.


krissy said...

aaron, this is so encouraging to read.
you probably should publish this for every dude in the world to read. :)

Chrissy said...

very well said! you don't know me, but i am very moved by your words... i got chills. Kudos!