Sunday, October 12, 2008


- Moleskine Weekly Notebook
- A big work desk
- Monitor Stands
- 22" Acer LCD Monitor
- Apple MacPro
- Apple MacBook Pro
- Apple Iphone

- Culture Making: Recovering Our Creative Calling
- IdeaSpotting: How to Find Your Next Great Idea
- Sound Systems: Design and Optimization: Modern Techniques
and Tools for Sound System Design and Alignment

- The Dream Giver

In other news:
I've been pondering a lot of things recently, one of
them being my future and making certain decisions.
I find a great passion of mine is to bring media to the
church in a quality way, done with excellence, all forms
of media; it's just a HUGE passion of mine.
So one of the many contemplated areas has been to
go further what I already know of production, I'm pretty
decent with the knowledge and resources I have right
now but I really want to take it a step further.
So, we shall see what comes in the coming weeks but
my best guess will be a school will be calling my name
and I may just head that way.

As for Sons, we are on a brief hiatus with our future
really being undetermined at the present moment, but
I still would love to do a record and see where this
could go. So, I'll be praying diligently about those things.

Lastly, I found this to be interesting.
The 100 Largest Churches in the U.S.

P.S. Please don't vote based on your biased beliefs.
Rather, how about on what this country really needs.
Do that.

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chad said...

i got a big work desk for ya. you'll have to come to ohio to get it though. or just make one out of an old door and some legs from ikea like i want to...