Saturday, April 26, 2008

The American Dream.

The American Dream is starting to really irritate me. Now, I'm really not talking about success or doing everything we can to achieve certain goals. Think of it more as a metaphor, and more so along the lines of materialism. Maybe I'm just being unreasonable, but I think it's ridiculous to live being aware of the situations going on around the world , the injustices throughout, and responding with a deaf ear and a blind eye.

Especially as Christians, how ashamed we should feel to be so ignorant and careless about this. I know there are MANY MANY organizations focusing on these very things, also to educate and raise awareness about these things. But do we really need to be more aware? Or do we just need to take action? I'm disappointed in myself even to think of the apathy I've displayed towards these things I'm speaking of. These are God's children facing persecution, torture, blackmail, pain, slavery, broken families, and the list goes on.

Why are we not doing more? Why aren't we sacrificing more? Why have I done nothing for just one person? One beautiful soul that my God loves like a mother loves her child, that my God died for. I'm no better than them though I'm blessed, and what for? I believe we are blessed to bless others, but beyond blessing this is our duty. Right now, thousands of people are homeless, hurting, being mistreated, being used, being beaten, and dying; millions even! Are we not the hands and feet of Jesus? Then my God let's be them! Sometimes we need to leave the security, the freedom, and the comfortable lives we live to really see what other people are going through to fully realize how great of a need there is.

This irks me, it takes me back to materialism. Honestly, I have no intention of making anyone feel bad for having things or wanting things, but do we really NEED it all? I believe materialism to be the equivalent of sin, because in my eyes it shows a blatant disregard life; for other lives who could be benefiting from what I'm squandering away on something I don't need. I don't need more shoes, shirts, a new car, fast food... whatever it may be. It's our duty to love and care for people who are less fortunate than us, I guess what I'm trying to say is, do your part. So, do your part Aaron.

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