Sunday, June 10, 2007

Burning Hell Say Love Has Failed

O why o Why would you be satisfied
When all that's loved it lost, and all hope has died.
O Darling my dear let it burn on and on
Because you can't stop me from singing of love in my songs.
Awkwardly silent you make your way to the door
Oh what a precious sight to see
I don't want to see you crying anymore.
Wipe the mascara from your eyes
from the fake streams of salt and wine.
Flowing down your cheekbone
To breathe life into blades.

I don't want to live like tomorrow's just another day.
My God, what kind of world would it be if we stayed
In the same place forever.
I'll tell you when I stopped breathing all I could think
is "My God!"
He said, "son I just want to be loved, like you do."

Face it friend, you're a better man than me
You're a better man than I could ever hope to be
I swallowed a lump today, the size of my heart
It went down like medicine, it burned like hell from the start
Hell keeps opening up for me to crawl in.
I keep on telling it, and him, I'm just a vagabond friend
Face it.
I am priceless though I may refuse to believe.

I look at you and I see someone better than me
But God also told me that's the same thing you see.

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